Rooms & Cottages

                                            PRICE GUIDE - 2014 

                                              (subject to change)



Room Rentals (Nightly)

       SPRING        PEAK       FALL     OFF SEASON  




4/3 thru 5/21  5/22 thru 9/1 
9/2 thru 11/9 

3/20 thru 4/2

11/10 thru 11/30 




  $90.00(n)    $60-70(n)    $54-64(n)


  $68-78(n)    $102(n)    $68-78(n)    $63-73(n)


  $78-88(n)   $112(n)    $78-88(n)    $73-83(n)
  • Above rates based on double occupancy & do not include tax.
  • Each additional person(age 2 and older) is $6 extra per night. 
  • Nightly minimums required depending on time of year, call for details.
  • Higher weekend rates for Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, and the Ocracoke Festival will apply, call for rates.

Cottage Complex: (Sat. to Sat. and Sun. to Sun. rentals)

  SPRING         SUMMER      PEAK             FALL       
   3/20 to 5/24  

  5/24 to 5/31   

  8/16 to 8/30 

  5/31 to 8/16     8/30 to 11/30  


 (max of 5)



  $699.00(wk)     $799.00(wk)  






 (max of 2)




  $635.00(wk)   $709.00(wk)





Private Cottages (Sat. to Sat. rentals)

     SPRING   SUMMER      PEAK       FALL
   3/20 to 5/24

  5/24 to 5/31

  8/16 to 8/30

 5/31 to 8/16  8/30 to 11/30

 2 bedr/2bath 

   (max of 5)

 $599.00(wk)   $769.00(wk)  $859.00(wk)   $599.00(wk) 

 2 bedr/1bath

  (max of 2)



 $655.00(wk)   $725.00(wk)



  Nightly cottage prices are based on minimum stays as available
  and are also subject to higher rates when crossing set weekly 
  schedules and Holiday periods.

  Cleaning/damage deposits required on all cottage rentals.  All cottages
  are equipped with full cooking facilities, microwave, cabletv, heat/air, and
  linens are furnished. Coin washer and dryer facility available on the premises.

   Prices subject to change -- document to be used as guide only.

Would you like to reserve a room?

Just give us a call at +1 800-254-1359 or request a reservation online via email.